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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?
You're billed only for the actual hours our temporary employees work. At a rate commensurate with the skill level involved in the assignment. We pay all payroll costs - Federal Employer's Tax, State Unemployment Tax, Worker's Compensation, Liability , and Social Security. Quarterly and Annual Salary Reports are our responsibility, including the processing and mailing of all W-2 forms...avoiding costly paperwork and record keeping for you.

How do I place a job order?
It's easy. One call to us and your work is done. Just tell us the skills you require and the type of person you want, we'll do the rest.

Can I permanently hire a PEOPLE LEASE temporary?
Yes! Should one of our temporaries meet your high standards for permanent employment, call our office. We'll explain our policy of transferring a PEOPLE LEASE employee from our payroll to yours. We ask only that the person remain on our payroll for a time period based on your average monthly billing.

Can I put a person of my choice on People Lease Temporary Service payroll?
Certainly. Payroll factoring is the option for you! Payroll factoring can be beneficial in several different situations:

  • When you want to place a former employee of your company on temporary assignments, simply send them to us and your job is completed.
  • When you want to try out prospective applicants for permanent positions, by sending them to us you'1l avoid obligation and paperwork until you're satisfied with their capabilities. If they prove unsatisfactory, PEOPLE LEASE terminates them with no further obligation or liability on your part.

Why should I use PEOPLE LEASE temporary services?

  • To avoid over-staffing. Quite often addi- tional employees are only needed during "peak" business periods.
  • To avoid cyclical overtime unprofitability. When business is booming, profits can be cut with the expensive costs of overtime.
  • To fill in. If employees are on vacation, ill, on leave of absence, or out due to unexpected emergencies, PEOPLE LEASE "fills the bill."
  • Use of PEOPLE LEASE Temporary Service avoids:
    - The cost of advertising
    - The cost of recruiting and hiring
    - Payroll tax and liability burdens
    - Unpleasant layoffs
    - Cost over-runs
    - Missed deadline and production schedules

How does PEOPLE LEASE service work?
First you give us your skill requirements. Then we will:

  • Recruit
  • Screen
  • Test
  • Interview
  • Reference Check
  • Evaluate
  • Indoctrinate
  • Maintain Personnel Files
  • Pay the Temporary
  • Pay Social Security Tax
  • Pay State Unemployment Tax
  • Pay Fed. Unemployment Tax
  • Pay Workers Compensation
  • Pay Liability Insurance
  • Bond
  • Invoice You Weekly
You must:
  • Pay Invoice Weekly.
All you pay for are the productive hours.

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