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It's all about time... and time is money!

PERMA STAFF is a company based on the premise that small and medium sized businesses do not enjoy the same advantages in purchasing and managing their benefit programs as large corporations do. Simply stated, we hire your employees and lease them to you. When you lease your people from us, they legally work for a big company and enjoy big company benefits. But they still work for you and probably harder. You maintain total control and we do all the paperwork, for less dollars than you are currently spending.

PERMA STAFF is your time and money saver!
We hire your employees and lease them back to you, and you can:

  • Provide both you and your employees with big company benefits.
  • Obtain some handsome (and legal) tax breaks.
  • Liberate yourself from hours of tedious and costly paperwork.
  • Save money when you find out how little PERMA STAFF services cost you.

Free PERMA STAFF Analysis!
PERMA STAFF will be happy to provide analysis, at no cost or obligation to you. We will determine the total dollar cost to you and your business. We know that you will be surprised with how effective PERMA STAFF can be for you. For your free analysis and consultation, please contact PERMA STAFF at (270)442-8859. Your employees will thank you for making this call.

How will PERMA STAFF affect my company's productivity?
The major reason that PERMA STAFF works is that we assume all responsibility for the administration of wages, all state and federal unemployment taxes, worker's compensation insurance and all state and federal payroll taxes. This allows you to center yourself on those activities that increase your company's profits. You will no longer have to spend valuable time filling out forms, negotiating for insurance or administering your benefit plans. The total cost to you in time, additional personnel and eliminated frustration might surprise you.

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