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TA50 and TA100
PERMA STAFF time and attendance systems are simple yet powerful products that allow you to automate your company's timekeeping and attendance tracking. TA50 and TA100 completely eliminates paper time sheets which are the root of most payroll nightmares! Employees clock in and out at an electronic data terminal using either mag stripe or bar coded badges. These transactions are collected by the TA50 and TA100 software and your pay rules are applied automatically, and impartially.

Computers have revolutionized modern business by performing the work of several people in a fraction of the time, while making far fewer mistakes. By eliminating human errors from your payroll, accurately reporting employee's hours, and dramatically reducing the amount of time spent running payroll, the TA50 and TA100 system will pay for itself in less than one year!

The TA50 and TA 100 software will support fifty employees and a single user. The basic package can be upgraded to support up to 200 employees and five concurrent users.

The TA520 mag-stripe terminal comes with cabling for a direct, serial connection. You also have the option of using several of these terminals on an RS485 LAN. In addition, the TA50 and TA100 systems will also support remote modem communications. As an upgrade, the TA620 terminal can also be used with the TA50 and TA 100 systems.

The TA50 and TA 100 systems include 50 or 100 "track 2" mag-stripe employee badges. You have the option of using "3 of 9" bar code badges instead.

Third Party Payroll
As a standard feature, the TA50 and TA 100 systems will export your payroll data directly into many of today's most popular payroll packages. TA50 and TA100 also have generic export formats for use with in-house systems. Perma Staff can also handle your payroll processing needs. For more information, contact us at our web site or telephone number.

Extensive Reporting
The TA50 and TA100 systems offer a complete selection of Payroll and management reports:

  • Time Card
  • Daily Hours
  • Department Summary
  • Approaching Overtime
  • Employee Wage
  • Who's Scheduled
  • Who's In/Not In
  • Attendance
  • Missing Punches
  • Absences
  • And Many More!


  • Eliminates adding up time cards
  • Eliminates missing-punch overpayments
  • Compiles employee data into a multitude of informative reports
  • Helps you schedule your employees
  • Grows to meet your expanding business needs

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